BLACK BEAN dye (and black bean soup!)

Beans, you know, are beautifully shaped, like a new church, like modern architecture,
like a planned city” ― Janet Frame, Scented Gardens for the Blind

In my search for blue, I’ve wanted to try dyeing with black beans again as my first and second attempts failed. The first because I used black beluga lentils instead of black beans. Duh! Both, I suspect because I added Soda Ash as a mordant.

Black Bean Dye

I soaked the beans overnight, using one cup of beans and three cups of cold tap water.
I drained the beans and put them aside for soup.
I divided the liquid (now a lovely dark blue) between two large kilner jars.
I added a teaspoonful of Alum mordant to one jar and a teaspoonful of Titanium oxalate to the other.  More ...

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