Matthew Burtner is an Alaskan-born composer, sound artist and eco-acoustician whose music and research explores embodiment, ecology, polytemporality and noise. He is the Eleanor Shea Chaired Professor of Music in Composition and Computer Technologies (CCT) at the University of Virginia where he Co-Directs the Coastal Futures Conservatory. He is also Director of the Alaskan-based environmental arts non-profit organization, EcoSono.


I pass through a park regularly, on my way to our allotment. There’s a path that runs between a railway line and a row of mixed trees, shrubs and brambles. I’ve gotten to know this path well and the bountiful greenery has furnished me with much material for eco printing purposes.

I wrote recently about some eco prints on silk I made from windfall oak flowers and young oak leaves gathered from the path as I walked.  About how the park is going to be used for housing.


Threnody was a new word for me. It means lament and so was apt to accompany my silk prints, as they have become both epitaph and lament - for this park, which is also home to birds and other wildlife which, park, birds and all, may not see another spring.  More ...